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Friday, September 4, 2015

The Future Showed Up

Friday 9.04 23m
Friday. Rode from the Bastille to Millvale and Pamela's Pancakes, then to Hot Metal Bridge and Big Dog Coffee, then back to the Bastille.

So much good infra stuff is happening in Pittsburgh cycling.
  • Completely unannounced, the Rankin Bridge got bike lanes. They don't connect to any infra on either side, but it's a footprint.
  • The Penn Ave bike lanes will be extended from 6th to Stanwix in the next month
  • There's going to be a new bike lane on 40th from Butler to Penn; bike lane on the climbing side, sharrows descending

In addition, as previously noted:
  • Route 50 bridge on Montour Trail to open this month
  • Valleybrook Road bridge on the Montour Trail to open this month
  • Pinkerton Tunnel to open this month
  • Amtrak roll-on, roll-off bike service may rollout this month.
Not to mention recent deliveries:
  • Bikeshare (Pittsburgh HealthyBike) in May
  • initial protected bike lanes rolled out in Oct.2014 at the RideWalk Conference
These are all the sorts of things that were always over-the-horizon, always like eight years away, and now they're all happening. It's like the future finally showed up, all at once. In some ways it's better than jetpacks.

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