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Monday, September 21, 2015

Rock'em Sock'em Hockey Players

9.21.2015 23m
Started off doing bikey-things by picking up some Coffeeneuring 2015 posters from the good people at Commonplace Coffee, printed on 11x17 paper. I hope Pittsburgh gets a lot of participants this year.

In what seems to be a series of serious mistakes I broke a toe last week, creating a disturbance in my cycling force. Arghh.

Today was my first day back on the bike since then. I started at the Bastille, rode around the Casino, stopped on Liberty Ave to do a shopping errand. The folks in the store were very nice about me bringing my bike with me. Pittsburgh is getting better and better, I'm feeling almost Panglossian.

I had a chance to escort two cyclists around for a tour of Pittsburgh, which always a thrilling thing because you never know how it's going to roll. Fortunately, it's always gone well. We rode this route:

They were most pleased at the Steelworkers sculpture at Southside Riverfront Park: The Workers from the Carrie Furnace. To me, it looks a bit like Rock'em-Sock'em Hockey Players.

I really enjoy getting to show off Pittsburgh, it sure shows well from a bike. Everybody was very courteous on the roads.

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