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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

4121 Main : Who Knew?

9.30.2015 23m
Parked by the Bastille and started riding into town. Encountered an amazing flow of people going to the baseball stadium; last night's game was rained out, moving today into an impromptu double-header. Lots of people walking to the stadium and wearing black-and-gold.

Rode east in the Strip to Kindred Cycles to drop off a #Coffeeneuring poster. Climbed up to Polish Hill to deliver one to Lili's Coffee. Descended and then climbed up Liberty and Penn to Constellation Coffee.

Next on my list was 4121 Main, a coffee shop I'd never heard of. In fact, I didn't know Pittsburgh had a Main Street, shows what I know. Why haven't I known about this place earlier? Beautiful space, lots of light, very nicely done.

Continued along Bloomfield, dropped off posters at East End Book Exchange and The Big Idea Co-op BookStore and Cafe. Both places, nice people.

Putzed around Shadyside, Fifth, then went back inbound and descended via Panther Hollow. Saw a largish group of cyclists with Mikhael and Stef on the front, I'm thinking it was the Wednesday night PMTCC ride out of OTB. I'd like to make that ride a routine thing; I haven't been there since last year. Great people.

Back to the Northside while the second game was underway. Lots of cars but everybody was playing nice. Great day for a ride after all the rain.

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