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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Coffee Insufficiency & Coveting

9.09.2015 0m

I am not a coffee snob. I drank Navy and FAA coffee from jug-size percolators for a long time and was glad to have it.

But I do appreciate great coffee and I will spend time and effort to have it. This is how I make coffee when I'm bike camping:

It works well. The Starbucks Via is several degrees better than generic instant coffee.

Recently I saw that NoahP and SarahP were using this rig at Dravos Cemetery:

and I felt a mix of gear-insufficiency and coveting. I'm pretty sure their morning coffee experience is better than mine.

This week I saw that @Chrisamaphone was using this outfit:

and I am feeling completely under-equipped. I want to raise the level of my camp coffee game, after I work through the stash of Via's I've accumulated.

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