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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Fratboi Follies

Sat 9.5.2015 24m
Driving into Pittsburgh and then bicycling around is a regular activity of mine. Today I started at the Bastille along with my wife Karen and her friend Marion.

We rode from the Bastille to Millvale and stopped at Pamela's for pancakes. Then I departed to ride downtown. I picked up a tour group at 10am and we rode Hot Metal Bridge, Ft. Pitt Bridge, under the convention center (and the waterfalls and lighting were operating, ++). Then we took the Penn Ave bike lanes, Sixth, Market Square, PPG Plaza, and Blvd of the Allies back to the Jail Trail. Great ride.

There were throngs crossing the Ft. Duquesne bridge heading to the Pitt game at the football stadium. In general, everybody cooperated and it was pleasant. One young fratboi walking in front of me in the far-left of the walkway decided to stop moving, bend over, and adjust his footwear as I was coming up behind him. #DiscTrucker #Kids.

Timing was fortuitious, and I shoved off from the tour just as K & M were returning to the Bastille. We arrived at about the same time and drove back to the Great Northwest of Beaver County.

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