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Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Fall of 2015: Leesburgh to DC

8.6.2015 41m
Departed our Leesburgh hotel via the shuttle van. Got right on the ferry, crossed over the Potomac, and got on the trail without delay because we expected rain in DC in the afternoon.

At MP31 I pulled a bone-headed move and departed the horizontal trail surface for the rather steep-sloped #SideOfTrail™. I think it started the rider I was closest to, and once I realized I could wiggle my fingers and toes and asked no really, take a picture first it was probably a bit surreal for them.

They're a great bunch and they captioned the event #FallOf2015, which I really liked.

Back on the bike, rode at a somewhat chastened pace. Stopped at Great Falls to eat the bag lunches from the hotel; most excellent. Also, Great Falls sells Dove bars.

Rode into DC. Saw Lock One. Rode around to the mysteriously difficult to find MilePost Zero, where the group each gave their rendition of the big "zero"

Then we had the great fortune of G. showing us around DC. We rode to the White House, the Hill, and the Washington Monument. The new DC bike lanes are truly awesome.

This was a great ride with a fine group. The trail was in excellent condition, the logistics went smoothly, and the trail economy seems to be continually developing.

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