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Friday, August 14, 2015

S24O Sub-24 Hour Overnight to Dravos; BOB Trailer Shakedown

8.14-15.2015 16m
I bought some new equipment - a three-person tent which I figured would be sufficient for two real people, an air pad and a sleeping bag - and the dimensions of each one exceeded the capacity of panniers.

So I went to Thick Bikes and got a Bob trailer. (achievement: unlocked)

My wife Karen and I started Thursday at 5pm in West Newton. Rode downhill for 4 miles to Driscoll and Sons behind the Yough Twister soft-serve stand. Beer, food, coffee, cheesecake FTW. Great restaurant.

Rode another 4 miles to Dravos Cemetery Campground, started assembling new stuff in the gloaming. Got away with it; everything worked well.

It was a very pleasant evening. Cool air, clear skies. There were probably five other parties in the campground and it was very quiet. Didn't get to see any asteroids.

They've placed some deconstructed architectural stone/cement blocks (OK, building blocks lets just say it) around the campground as chairs for firerings. Very cool.

Woke up in the morning. Made coffee and putzed around. Rode 8 miles back to West Newton, got breakfast at Gary's Chuck Wagon which is my fave place to eat in West Newton.

A very successful shake-down ride for a bunch of new gear. Also, another successful S24O (Sub-24hour-Overnight).

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