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Sunday, August 30, 2015

CitiBike, CountriBike

Was fortunate to meet Jeff (aka @CountriBike) at Golden Triangle bike rental. He's riding a NewYork bike share bike, a CitiBike, across the country east-to-west.

He had ridden in on the GAP yesterday, probably arriving a half-hour behind me. Fortunately, he hit Pittsburgh just in time for PedalPgh and the city was just all about bikes.

His story and trip report is online here: countribike.com/. He's riding a brand-new update version of the CitiBike. He's swapped the seat and pedals for some higher-quality gear.

He's rolling with the standard internal 3-speed rear hub. I think he'd have enjoyed a Pittsburgh HealthyBike which has a 7-speed internal rear hub a bit more.

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