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Monday, August 3, 2015

Caffeine Don't Make Me Crazy, Protein Don't Make Me Lazy,

8.03.2015 82m
This was the long mileage day of the trip, tempered by the fact that 24 of the miles are downhill. We departed Morguen Toole with some excellent bag lunches for later in the day, and had breakfast at the world famous GI Dayroom. so much good.

Climbed 8 miles. Took photos at the funny memorial bench, lots of ooooohs and aahhhhs at the Savage Vista. I thought we might encounter the climbing railroad, but it seems they have a locomotive snafu and they're out of operation for a few days. Took a photo at the Mason-Dixon line:

Stopped at the Frostburg trailhead to eat half the bag lunches. This group liked descending. Stopped in Cumberland at the fountain and ate the other half of the bag lunches. Started off, intending to stop at Schoolhouse Cafe which is just a wonderful opportunity.

Unfortunately, Schoolhouse was closed this Monday. Kind of needing some rereshment prior to the destination, we departed the trail and rode west into PawPaw. New infra! They've built a segregated/ protected bike lane from the north side of the PawPaw roadway into PawPaw, removing the need to a 1.5-mile share the road on a fairly fast roadway. Such a pleasant transition.

In PawPaw, the only thing happening was the convenience store and we were damn glad to have it. I found a Coffee and Protein drink in the Starbucks reefer, I didn't know they were into recovery drink products. Unfortunately, the old blue hostel (with the hot tub) was out of business, the pizza shop was out of business, and Grandma's Kitchen and BnB is out of business.

Back on the trail. The Paw Paw tunnel was impressive as always. Trail conditions were excellent. The approach to Little Orleans and Bill's Place was straightforward. The group went up the hill to their hotel and I camped out along the trail. There was a great lightning show, and a bit of rain in the wee hours.

As we were leaving the next morning, arrangements were proceeding for the first day of MotorCycle Week, with about 10,000 motorcyclists expected. It was a good day to get out of Little Orleans.

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