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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Stuff That's Moved

8.09.2015 #252 25m
Rode with my wife Karen today. Used my road bike, which I'm sure I haven't been on in months.

Started at the Bastille. Rode to Thick (which is closed on Sundays, just like their sign says!) Very interested to see a placard for Bike The Boroughs, whose website is not ready for prime time (still showing some Greek'd text) but it's a great idea nevertheless.

Rode to Oakland and thence to Taza D'Oro for cold coffee, so wonderful. Back into town via Penn, where I saw this bit of sculpture

I'm pretty sure this sculpture used to be on the GAP trail, just south of (Little) Boston PA.

(this picture seems to show the sculpture being moved from Boston PA). I believe the duck is the work of Pittsburgh Artist of the Year 2009, Tim Kaulen.

I've had the notion that prior to the GAP in Boston it was previously at a Pittsburgh children's facility, possibly a school for the deaf, but I can't find anything on that.

Back on the bikes inbound; saw RC & Donna. Over to the North Side, saw Yale. Great day for a ride.

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