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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Western Reserve Greenway Trail

8.16.2014 48m
Rode with my neighbor Jack on the Western Reserve Greenway trail, north out of Warren Ohio.

Started early (0730) at a trailhead which is at: N41.308511, W-80.833073 and it was a bit cool; in fact, my toes were cold in my sandals. This is a great trail that follows the path of a former intracity rail line, it's paved, flat and straight. About every mile or so there's an at-grade road crossing, and there's not a lot of traffic out there.

I had not communicated too well with Jack. I thought we were going to ride the 45 miles to Ashtabula and then reverse, but I guess I had not been explicit. When we stopped about 24 miles into the outbound leg at a scenic overlook and I said "this might be a good place to take a break", he was surprised and said "don't you mean turn around?". So, good news, we ended up with more time in the afternoon than we expected.

Not a lot of people on the trail. Saw a few Amish folks on push bikes, and saw one horse-drawn Amish buggy on the cross-road. This was kind of a go-fast, blow out the carbon ride and that was great. 48 miles.

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