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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Bring Your Dog To Work Day; Navigation and Industry

8.5.14 225# 32m
The first ride segment of the day started early at the Bastille with S. We rode over to Brighton Place to see a mural being added to two already in place (top-right and top-left). The white paint and orange swirls on the base layer are a mark that it's an Moving Lives of Kids project.

As is usual on MLK projects, younger kids to the lower-level work and people who are 18 years old get to work from the high-lift machine on the higher portions of the mural. We rode over to Station Square in search of statuary called "Industry" and found it outside a parking garage. Industry is on the right, holding an industrial mold. Navigation is on the left, and once held a rudder (now missing) in her hand. (There's also another statue of Industry outside the Gandy Dancer).

A description of these statues can be found on Page36 of the Pittsburgh Walking Art Tour PDF. They were created in 1889 by Eugiono PEdon to adorn the fedeal Post Office in downtown Pittsburgh, and were part of a series commemorating Navigation, Industry, and Enlightenment. Other statues from the Post Office are located at the North Side Children's Museum.

Rode up to the Hill District because: Hill. Saw that the front surface of August Wilson's birthplace is being rehabilitated. Fun descent down to 7th Street.

Rode out to Lawrenceville. Saw this on the House-slant-canvas at 35th and Charlotte:

Saw this on Butler at Doughboy Square (which is a triangle) by Kaffeine:

And the last bit of kitsch was on the NorthShore, where I thought I saw a food truck and it turned out to be a Dog Food Truck, because the adjacent office building was having Bring Your Dog To Work Day. (most excellent).

Second leg of the day was after dropping a Volvo off at a garage, rode to work. Scott-O recommended an alternative route and it was a great ride, much more empty twisty two-lane than busy artery. I did enounter a major deluge enroute, and I am pleased to report that rain is still. not. fatal.

Finally, about 7pm rode home. Completely uneventful. I love my bike lights and I'm glad I could afford really great ones. Excellent riding today.

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