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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Comcast Lemonade

Sat 8.23 9m
Today was a day where I needed to take a website offline, download a fairly large database, make changes to it, and then upload it and put the website back online.

Problem: Comcast at the Domicile thinks it should take about 1hour 10 minutes to download a file of 185-megs. Ugh. My experience tells me that any file that takes too-long to download will also have too many errors in it.

Fortunately, within my approach to problem solving there is this pattern: Ask yourself, how would a bike ride solve this situation? Which is like the 2.0 version of, When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade.

So I took my laptop and rode over to Starbucks. Signed into their wifi, started the download, and then got a Trenta Iced Coffee, no flavors nothing but ice and coffee, sat back down and the file was mine in about six minutes, bwa-ha-haha.

Made my changes, uploaded it, tested it, put the site back online. Savored the coffee, checked the print edition of the NYTimes, got back on the bike.

It's amazing how many problems can be solved with a bike ride.

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