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Friday, August 22, 2014

Bike Lane Review, Labyrinth Find, Almost Ride Shared

8.22.2014 36m #225
Started off with a tour of the city's new cycle paths: Saline Street, Schenley Park, Pocusset. Popped up to Hobart, rode over to see this newish mural in Squirrel Hill, Murray at Beacon:

Rode out on Forbes, meandered north-east, and came across this Labyrinth at 328 East End Avenue, near Franklin Avenue:

In Swissvale there was this cool Free Mini-Library, and when inside we found that somebody was passing along some free zucchini:

In Wilkinsburgh, at Franklin and Wood Streeets, is what I think is the best mural-rich environment in the Pittsburgh region:

Rode through Rankin, across the Mon River Bridge, and into Homestead. Rode north and crossed the Hot Metal Bridge. Exited the Jail Trail at Grant Street, and a motorist tried to "rideshare my four-space" but we ended up separated by the tiniest of margins.

The driver honked and rolled down the window and I thought, great let's follow up the near-death experience with a pissing contest and boy was I ever projecting, the driver just wanted to explain that he'd been cutoff by another driver and he was very sorry about coming so close. He was apologetic, agitated, and upset (not at me, though). I think very highly of him for rolling down that window and speaking with me, and I told him so.

Rode out Grant, then inbound on Penn looking for the new ABR's (artisinal bike racks) coming into the Cultural District. Met one of the crews installing them and said hello.

Crossed the 9th St Bridge, back to the Bastille. 36 miles, very excellent ride.

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