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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Summer in the City

Mon 8/18 15m
Tues 8/19 35m
Monday I had two rides with not much to report; I rode my bike to work, which is so cool in itself. Rode directly there in the morning, which is a six-mile route and took a longer route home which was nine miles.

A great thing about riding is that when I ride to work, I'm all focused when I get there. When I ride home from work, I've left every part of the work day behind way before i get home.

Tuesday I agreed to meet R and S at 0630 which would have worked great except I woke up at 0630. Drove into town, met them at Big Dog. Saw a fellow with a t-shirt from StudioAM which was a name I'd seen from the art hanging on the walls at BigDog so I asked and I got to say hello to the artist Baron Batch, which was very cool. Come to find out, he's also played for the Steelers which is kind of cool especially in Pittsburgh. A multi-talented guy. He's opened his studio in the space that used to be Smoke in Homestead. I loved Smoke, I'm glad something awesome is happening in the same place. (twitter: @Studio_AM_PGH, @Baron_Batch)

Rode into downtown to make an errand. Rode up to the Hill to check out the August Wilson mural project, then across the Birmingham Bridge and out to the PumpHouse. Back in to town, stopped to help a few cyclists who were out putting up signs for the upcoming Pedal Pittsburgh but they had a mechanical. While opening my toolkit to get a wrench, discovered the two missing multi-tools that I just purchased replacements for at REI. Argghhhh. Anyway, we got them all set and got back enroute.

Met a group of four cyclists who'd ridden from Deal to Pittsburgh. One of them had a really cool drybag on the back rack, turns out it's a kayaker's drybag from Eagle Bay. Really a nice piece of gear and it was nice to talk with them.

Stopped at Thick, because: Thick. Checked out Gabriella's Gourmet at 301 East Carson for lunch. I had a Cohen breakfast sandwich, eggs and cheese and corned beef on a bagel - very good, generous and hefty. French fries inside the sandwich because: Pittsburgh.

Rode over to the North Side, back to Point State Park where I hung out for a bit. Back to Riverfront Park. 35 miles on a very nice day.

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