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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Coraplast Crop, Wendy's Chili, On Track

10/31/12 32m
Rode 32m in 45F, intermittent light rain. After 3 days of self-inflicted non-riding masquerading as judgement in the face of inclement weather (Sandy), it was so good to get back on the bike.

Rode from CCBC to Five Points in Hopewell, Gringo Road down to Berger's Furniture, then Gringo-Clinton Road which I really enjoy back around to Flaugherty Run Road at 376.

There is really a good coraplast crop just about ready for harvest, the road sides are knee-high with this year's output all but ready to be reaped on the day after election day by bicyclists and other hobbyists eager to use the stuff for pannier forms and other misappropriations.

Jump to the Airport Side, enter the Dick's Sporting Goods campus, and ride along the NorthSideComplex to University Blvd in Moon.

I had originally planned to ride to Starbux but my tingling fingers and toes were explaining to me that this was more of a chili ride than a coffee ride, so the destination changed to the Moon Wendy's. An excellent decision, if I may say so.

One Wendy's large chili with crackers later, back on the bike feeling much more civilized. Rode down a particularly steep hill and I decided to let the bike run, the shoulder was full of debris so I took the lane and there were a lot of cars behind me - it was a great descent but it was awfully cold, at the bottom of the hill my forehead was hurting from the chill, that was kind of a new feeling. It's not August anymore.

Route Route51 back to the Center of The Universe, everybody was very kind. Had good legs after the layoff. Saw a speed walker out doing his thing, those people are just crazy. 32 miles today and over 6000 miles for the year, which was kind of my goal for the end of October.

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