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Thursday, October 18, 2012

S24O at Boggs Trailhead, Montour Trail

10/18/12 m
Wednesday night to Thursday morning I camped at the Boggs Trailhead of the Montour Trail, a S24O (sub 24-hour overnight) as a shakedown for an upcoming trip.

Boggs has been my long-standing fave trailhead, it's just a very pretty place, quiet and with fast highway access; it works in a lot of ways. They've recently added a hiker/biker campground that includes a table and benches, a fire pit, a supply of firewood (how cool is that), a tent site, and there's also the porta-john that was previously at the trailhead. Really the only thing that's missing (besides a Wifi-G hotspot) is a water supply, the nearest water is about 2 miles down the trail at MP13.5~ish.

I wasn't feeling very good on Tuesday-Wednesday, so I opted to make this a car ride to the campsite; R. rode his Rivendell.

Met R. at the campsite at around 5pm Wednesday, so we'd both have enough time to set up our gear and go through our learning curves before it got dark. It took me a few tries to shake out the mental cobwebs and get the rigging on the hammock quite right so I was glad we got out there early.

This was my first time using my Big Agnes sleeping bag (Lost Ranger, +15F, long version) which is built to accommodate an integrated air pad in the bottom.

Setting up camp went well. Cooking dinner went well, I was working with a JetBoil and made chicken-flavored rice and R was working with an Esbit stove and had soup, and we had Starbucks Via and cookies for dessert.

Turns out you can Bluetooth-tether a 'droid 3G phone with a 'droid tablet and surf the web, but it does use up the phone battery. It was a great night for camping, clear skies and lots of stars, light wind, no rain.

I really like the combination pad-bag for the hammock, it keeps everything from sliding around and getting astray. The temperature got down to 48F, and the bag was very comfortable.

There is a landfill adjacent to the trail, and there were trucks coming and going through the evening. Woke up at sunrise and it took us about 1+30 to have breakfast and break camp. Coffee is a wondrous thing on a cold morning.

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