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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sun/Shade, Climb/Descend, Hot/Cold

10/10/12 232# 37M
Played Mr. Logistics today, dropped a car off at my daughter's school in Moon, took my bike off the rack and then left the car behind as one small link in an incredibly complex transportation chain that only families could inflict on each other. You could, perhaps, log it as SWPL.

Departed the school, crossed the parkway at Ewing Road, descended at Resurrection Cemetery, worked hard at ascending at the Guard base.

It was a beautifully sunny day with blue skies. By this time of day, whenever I was in the sunshine it was very nice, and whenever the terrain blocked the sun it was rather cold. When the road pitched up it got much warmer, when the road pitched down it got much colder. Sun/Shade, Climb/Descend, Hot/Cold, today's ride gave me a hint of what menopause might be with the alternating hot flashes and cold chilly sweats — not a pretty picture; I'll take "risk of prostate cancer" for $200 instead, please.

From the Guard base I worked my way around to Enlow Station on the local roads. Joined the Montour Trail eastbound to Groveton. Took Route 51 North through Coraopolis, up Stoops Ferry Hill, and then 51-North became rather vertically benign.

Took Route 51 through Monaca, the nucleus of Beaver County, then turned south on Route 18 and climbed up one last hill.

37 miles on a beautiful day that saw some perceived temperature swings.

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