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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Requesting Criticism under Guise of Feedback

Sat 10/20/12 231# 0m
I'd like to ask for some feedback (by which I mean criticism), please. I've been working with a friend on a project to identify, document, and web-present (which is a neologism which will soon replace the archaic represent, you heard it hear first) murals in Pittsburgh.

Not just any murals, mind you, but exterior, public-art murals that you can bicycle to, because really - what good is encouraging people to drive around to see murals? Consider the civic irresponsibility of encouraging people to get into cars (big, heavy, dangerous, non-sustainable vehicles) and drive around unfamiliar parts gawking out the windows in unfamiliar neighborhoods? Not me, no sirree, I want no part of that. Bad carma.

Below (I hope) is a Google-Map of a small sample of what we've identified and documented - public murals in Braddock, PA. I'd like to ask for your feedback. Does it appear on your screen at all? Is it usable? Does it appear on your tablet, on your phone?

View Pittsburgh Murals by Bicycle in a larger map

Does it seem usable? Is there any other info that you might like to have in a map like this? What would it take to encourage you to take action, to use something like this and get out and see these murals - not necessarily only in Braddock, it could be Bloomfield, Downtown, East Liberty, Garfield, the Hill District, Lawrenceville, Millvale, Mt. Washington, NorthSide, Oakland, Southside, Squirrel Hill, Oakland, the Strip District, Uptown, the West End, Wilkinsburg - they're all over.

Please enter any feedback in the comments below, or send an email to vbush90 "at-thing" geemail-dot-com. Thank you!

   Oct 20, 2012 Week 42
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143 miles
4th Qtr 500 miles 25 mi/day4qtd
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  1. You half stole MY idea! I wanted to ride to and over the BRIDGES of Allegheny county. Photographing, reviewing and mapping all of them. So figure out the mapping bit and I'll plagiarize you the best I can !

  2. Heya Mr. Clydesdale. I'm on a Ubuntu box using Chrome. Your map looks aok. Actually, I think it looks great. If I did not live on the west coast I would definitely head over and check out some of these fantastic murals you people are rocking in Pittsburgh.
    The Contraption Captain just checked you out on Android (Jellybean) and your map is looking mostly fine there but not as navigable in his opinion. He will comment after the kids are in bed.