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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Connellsville, Ohiopyle, Autumn Colors

10.16.12 231# 38M
Drove out to Connellsville with S. in hopes of finding near-peak autumn colors on the trees.

In Connellsville we found this mural at 139 West Crawford, home of Artworks Connellsville. The equipment is preparing the adjacent site for a new building, so the view of this mural won't be maintained for very long:

In a similar manner, this mural was partially blocked for a carport:

This mural survives with an unrestricted view at the same building. Term du Jour: viewshed preservation.

Connellsville has a segregated bicycle boulevard along South 3rd Street, which is the most sophisticated bike lane I've seen between Pittsburgh and DC. On one of the structures along that street you'll see this mural:

About six miles west of Ohiopyle, there's a clearing with a remarkable view, it's one of my favorite places in the world:

This is about two miles west of Ohiopyle:

For years my view of Ohiopyle has been the trail, the visitors center, and the country store. Today I saw Cucumber Falls which was very impressive:

I also got to see an area called "The Slide":

I had originally intended to ride to Ohiopyle, get a snack, and ride further to Confluence and reverse course for a 60-mile day but I did not have the mojo today; where I'd ordinarily be doing 13mph I was producing 8 and 9 mph and I was feeling off, so I got something to eat at the Ohiopyle Bakery and then we reversed back to the start.

On the return leg the sun started to break through the overcast and the bright colors became a bit more pronounced:

Returning to Confluence, there's a series of murals on three metal tanks that seem to represent Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. This collage is a ham-fisted PhotoSchlepp to try to show a wraparound of the artwork:

On the way back to Pittsburgh, stopped in Monroeville at Moio's for cannolli, wow very very good. 38 miles on a cool, dry day.

Coming out of the bakery I saw a 2012 Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 3 Jeep Wrangler. No, I don't think this unit will have any problem giving me four feet of clearance when passing in urban tactical situations. Double-yoi. It reminds me of what Robin Williams said about cocaine: It's God's way of pointing out that you have too much money.

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  1. The "Welcome to Connellsville" Mural in your first photo is going to be seen in our out door cafe. The building that is being built in that lot is going to be an exact replica of our B&O Rail Road Station, and will house the "Connellsville Canteen" coffee shop high lighting the "Canteen Ladies" that fed WWII Troops coming through Connellsville during WWII. The murals will be lighted at night and is going to be a great accent to the building.