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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Williamsport MD to Leesburg VA Day Six

06/28/12 54m
Rode from Williamsport MD to White's Ferry via the C&O Trail.

Breakfast at the Waffle House, departed the RedRoof Inn early in consideration of a very warm temp forecast. Left Williamsport via Route 63 and Dam Four Road to rejoin the trail at the MP84 closure.

Our plan called for a rendezvous with the PerkyMobile™ at MP76, but we were moving briskly so we repositioned for a meeting at the Antietam trailhead at MP68. We had sandwiches from Sheetz, and pressed on without undue delay in hopes of ice cream at Harper's Ferry.

After Harper's Ferry we had planned on a meal stop in Brunswick but we felt that was unnecessary so we pressed on in order to meet the van again at Point of Rocks. Along the trail we met an artist painting a lockhouse in oils who told us about the news of the day, there was a Supreme Court decision announced. Equally important, a group of riders from Ohio told us they'd heard about a new creamery in town but we didn't know anything about that.

I swapped with the van drivers at Point of Rocks, who continued riding until White's Ferry at MP35 and then crossed the Potomac. We worked our van to shuttle to a Leesburg Hampton Inn, that was a major time suck but it worked.

C had a pedal fall off the crank arm for the second time this trip, he took itover to Bicycle Outfitters on Catactin Circle and they were extremely helpful, very nice people. Also today D had a flat tire.

Then I retrieved my own van that I'd left in the area a week ago and moved it close to MP0, and finally got back to the hotel around 9pm. Enjoyed a great dinner at Del Rio.

The Red Roof Inn was a great low-expectation shelter, the Waffle House rocked, the Route63 recovery from the detour was excellent, the coolers were great in keeping us in cold drinks, the ride to White's Ferry was great, the party enjoyed crossing the Potomac on the ferry, the transition into Leesburg was a major pain and the road into Leesburg is not at all bike-friendly. And they don't seem to use the H in Leesburgh.

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