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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Walden's Trailside Cafe in Burgettstown

06/16/12 30m
Rode 30 miles on the Montour and Panhandle Trail, and had an excellent stop at Walden's Cafe in Burgettstown.

Started at my favorite Montour trailhead in Boggs, rode the Montour Trail to McDonald, rode the connector over to the Panhandle Trail (which is much improved of late).

Rode the Panhandle Trail out to Burgettstown, and stopped at Walden's Cafe, immediately next to the trail at 1709 Main Street. This was my second stop there and it's good enough to become a bike ride destination of it's own.

Walden's at 1709 Main Trailside Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Very nice folks, they're very bike trail friendly. As I came in a few bicyclists were departing, and as I left a couple on bikes were coming in. I had a western omelette and it was excellent. They made a point of asking if they could refill my water bottles, topped them off with ice and water - it doesn't get much better than that. The omelette was tremendous and I'll definitely stop there again.

Coming out of the restaurant I saw a few bicyclists wrestling with a tire outside of the hardware store, and then I saw this, which made me feel like I was in Staten Island or possibly New Jersey:

And that's sort of the way the trail economy is supposed to work. Build a trail, open a restaurant, and all of a sudden people from Pittsburgh and Beaver County are spending money in Burgettstown.

Returning along the Panhandle I was surprised to see a pristine Piper Cub climbing out, just north of the trail. I stopped at the Cataney Airport (which is generally a radio-control-aircraft field) and introduced myself and they explained that the Cub belonged on the field. It was really quite a sight.

I hung around for a few minutes and got to see them land, it's really a slice of aviation to watch a Cub land on a soft field. There's a lot of construction along the Panhandle and the Cataney airport, the R/C folks explained that they're building a Marcellus pipeline.

Since I was on a trail I listened to WYEP's Soul Show as I was riding, primo afternoon tunes and even a slice of Gil Scott-Theron. I love the SoulShow.

   June 16, 2012 Week 23
this week:
162 miles
  241#   2nd Qtr 1599 miles
2012: 2612 miles

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