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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wickes-Wuz to Venice

06/05/12 244# 35m
Rode 35 miles on the Montour Trail. Started near I376 where Wickes once was, and rode out to Route 50 in Venice.

There's some very nice new trail being built in a rail-and-trail configuration the last two miles north of Route 50, but there does seem to be a likelihood of poor drainage and erosion on the non-train side of the trail.

Reversed and found a major headwind around Boggs. For some reason, the climb section from MP13 to MP11.8 seems more arduous than the numbers alone would suggest. I don't know if it's the isolation out there or the exposure to the wind, but that always seems like a lot of work.

I'm still really enjoying riding the bike without the four panniers.

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