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Friday, May 18, 2012

PhotoBomb B2W-PGH, Bike Nap Cecil, Farmhouse Coffee

05/18/12 243# 50m
Rode 22 miles with S in the morning, 28 miles with R in the afternoon, 50 miles total on Bike To Work Day

Started at 0700 at the Bastille, cool enough for a sweater. Stopped at a "bike to work" support station by the stadium supported by The Priory, two very cool dogs there and some very nice bikes, excellent swag (wool socks, water bottle!) Rode around the Point, took the Strip District Trail, arrived at the City-County building in time for the 0830 presser.

Saw some great bicycles there including a Trek1100 just like my road bike, and a Trek830 just like my trail bike, representing old school. I was very pleased to see (and get to use) the demonstration bus bike rack (and thanks to Steve Patchan for the briefing).

Also spoke with a PAT expert who made a few more points: if you're the first bike using the rack, use the slot close to the bus; put the spring-loaded clip as high as possible; consider putting a pre-paid bus card in your bike bag, so if you ride in to the city in the morning and get surprised by rain, you could just take out your card and take the bus home. (I thought that was a great multi-modal point.)

The 0830 event got underway about 0900 when Hizzoner the Mayor arrived to work on a bike along with Scott Bricker (BikePgh), Bruce Woods (PMTCC), and a few other worthies I didn't recognize.

Behind the County Executive (the grownup in the suit) there's a very attractive Surly LHT with a two-legged kickstand, an orange triangle, and Ambridge Bike Shop water bottles. Just saying: photobomb ftw!

Back on the bike, Jail Trail, Hot Metal Bridge, Keystone Metals, REI for the Anniversary Sale. Bought new bike shoes at 20% off. Station Square, Ft. Pitt and Ft. Duquesne bridges, Bastille: 22 miles on a beautiful morning.

Drove out to the west and took a mini bike-nap on the Montour Trail near Cecil and MP23, then my friend R came by and woke me. We rode southwest past the Twin Bridge construction, walking up to the trail at Georgetown, then rode to world-famous Farmhouse Coffee for Farmhouse espresso, iced tea, and red velvet biscotti.

Once fortified we continued (east, I think) past the new Bebout Bridge to Logan Road. I don't get out on this section of the trail much, trail conditions were excellent.

Reversed and returned, stopped for a few minutes above the creek at the golf course. My total mileage for the day was 50.

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