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Thursday, May 10, 2012

LBS Derailleur Adjustment, Terminal Ride, Winning the Fred Lottery

05/10/12 19m
I've been having an ongoing issue on my LHT with the rear derailleur and an apparent issue of a stretched cable causing uncommanded cog skipping. I stopped by the world's best bike local biks shop, Ambridge Bike Shop and they were kind enough to bring it right in and lay hands upon it. I noticed they had a few LHTs ready to go out the door and they commented that they both were configured with double stems and handlebars (like mine), I think that's a great configuration but I almost wish there were a lightweight stem for this application, because the weight is unjustified.

Larry was able to adjust the derailleur so that it works perfectly, but he cautioned that the barcon shifter may be on its last legs - he suggested I try shifting another bike to notice the difference with a new shifter mechanism, and it was quite pronounced. So that's another item for the refurb list - barcon shifters and wheels.

Rode 19 miles, started at where Wickes used to be and went around to the airport terminal, round trip. A lovely day for a ride, slightly cool at the end.

The LHT feels so much better since the Tuesday bike fit, it's a new level of comfort. Rumor sez that REI will be having an Anniversary Sale May 18-28, with additional 20% coupons for members, good in the store or online. It's like winning the Fred Lottery.


  1. Do you have, or would you please post, a picture or two of your double stem/bar configuration? I'd love to see that up close.

  2. Hello Mike and thanks for the question, if you look here: http://www.thirdwave-websites.com/bike/surly-long-haul-trucker.cfm you'll see a few photos from different angles, if you want something closer let me know and I'll take a photo.

    Between the aero-bar pads and the brake levers, there just wasn't enough real estate to mount lights (although I did consider the Minoura space-bar type options). I originally used the second (lower) bar for: (1) leftside blinky, (2) computer mount, (3) right-side HID light, (4) right-side Zounds airhorn.

    I enjoy the capabilities but there is a bit of weight involved that isn't justified by the loads, in a most-perfect-world I'd look for a plastic stem-bar.

    Of course, in a most-perfect-world I might not exist.