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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday WakeUp

05/20/12 243# 9m
Spent the night camping along the Montour Trail in my Hennessy Hammock, then broke camp and rode out back to my car. At 58F it was quite cold in the hammock, conditions improved when I put on wool and long pants.

I woke at 0800 aware that I'd been snoring loudly, finding a text from D. on my phone explaining that he'd left at 0700, reluctant to wake me while I was so clearly having a profound REM event. People were already walking, running, and biking on the adjacent trail.

For breakfast I "cooked" Quaker instant oatmeal "Maple & Brown Sugar" and enjoyed a cup of Starbucks Via Columbia coffee. Not bad for camping. I learned that cooking dinner, cleaning up, overnight drinking water, and cooking breakfast and cleanup requires almost a half-gallon of water. That was a good thing to learn.

There's a Montour Trail sign with a QR-code on the campsite, so I pointed the smart-phone at it and gave them some feedback about the camping experience, which was excellent.

I packed it all up. Each time I pack I hope it's in a slightly more practical way. I got my bike and gear out of the campsite, checked that I left it as well as I found it, and got on my way.

As I crossed Route50 in Venice I encountered my friend S, which was a nice surprise but it was becoming a bit of an old-home-week bike ride; pretty soon I'd be meeting long-dead friends and that would be freaky. She joined me for the ride back to McDonald.

It was very nice to have a place on the Montour Trail to camp out, I think I learned a lot by doing a shakedown overnight, and it was especially pleasant to meet good friends on the trail.

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