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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

New To Me

4.2.2016 5m
4.6.2016 20m
mtd:25 ytd:325
Encountered this "new to me" bit of Clohn Art at 3404 Penn:

Stopped at 4121 Main to obtain some more Ashram Afternoon tea, which is wonderful. I was kind of surprised to see bike jerseys and a bike in a nearby storefront window, so I walked over to 4124 Main and discovered (in a Columbus sort-of-discovery) Analog Forest, which was completely unexpected and "new to me".

Photo of my bike at The Bastille, aka Pittsburgh SCI, f/k/a Western Penitentiary (and not West Penn, which is a hospital). I think I'm going to stop using this as my default trailhead, there's a lot of bad energy around prisons.

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