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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Bridges and Spindles

3.23.2016 24m
3.24.2016 21m
3.26.2016 19m
March total:166m ytd:300m

Wednesday I rode with RC, starting at Southside Riverfront Park, stopping at Big Dog Coffee (Baron Batch sighting!) and riding out to Kennywood. Then we rode into town and checked a few things out, starting with the Pittsburgh 200th Birthday Bridge which is sort of a selfie stage:

We saw Mayor Peduto and Dan Gilman while we were photo-staging. Then we saw Councilperson Darlene Harris, who said "wouldn't you like to see bike lanes on the bridge?" and so I figured, Why Not?

In Market Square, an art installation by Allard van Hoorn uses the surface to represent a vinyl record player:

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