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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Olives and Coffee

4.19.2016 8m
4.20.2016 31m
4.21.2016 26m
mtd:153 ytd:486
Tuesday I parked by Peggy's Marina, rode into Pgh to pick up some materials at a printer's, rode to Golden Triangle Bike, rode to the Point and back to Millvale.

Wednesday I parked in Millvale with my wife Karen. Rode to Oakland, rode to downtown, back to Oakland. Tremendous day.

Thursday I met MarkC and we rode through the strip district. Picked up some olives at Salonika Imports, rode through Lawrenceville and sat outside of a coffee shop, drinking espresso and eating olives, living the dream.

We stopped at Thick Bikes. I love those folks. I needed a small, steel L-bracket which they made for me. Great shop. Also, I really liked these water bottles:

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