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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mileage Numbers on a Binary Day (10/01/11) : An Accounting

10/01/11 #230
So, end of September, end of 3rd quarter.
It rained yesterday, rained today, promises to rain through Tuesday.
The good news is, the ten day forecast offers some promise of a string of nice days so I've spent a rainy day scheming over my short-term future, and fooling with the mounts for my lights.

I thought I'd use the nice stretch for a DC-Pittsburgh ride, which I haven't done this year, but so far the logistics of transport and company to ride with have eluded me.

My next plan is to do two S36O (sub-thirty-six-hour-overnights), in other words doing a two-day, spending a night at home, and then doing another two day. It saves me a day's hotel, lets me visit the LovedOnes, and still lets me get a bit of mileage and some new sights. So that's a plan, which of course rarely survives contact with the enemy, the world, the weather, the budget, and/or events. But it's good to have a plan.

Week 37
this week:
69 miles
  [3rd quarter: 1573 miles]
[4th quarter: 0 miles]
2011: 3264 miles

Above goal on mileage. Not meeting goal on weight.
Which is a fair summary of my habits and outcomes.

So I'm at 3264 miles in 2011. That's a good year's riding, but I think I will attempt to get to 4000 miles, I've never done that before.

To get there, I'll need 750 miles in 13 weeks, 58 miles a week. That's consistent with my last few weeks of light riding, but the weather is destined to deteriorate (which is pejorative, I suppose I should say it's going to change). I hope to get a chunk of miles during the teased, upcoming nice streak of weather.

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