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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Game Time Ride

10/20/11 35miles
Rode 35 miles, road/paved-trail, between 3pm (33F) and 6pm (41F).

Started in the Groveton Trailhead of the Montour Trail, and rode Coraopolis, Neville Island (flat and level), McKees Rocks, and joined the paved trails at Station Square. Rode south along the Monongahela past SouthSideWorks to the Baldwin-Borough Trail terminus just short of Sandcastle.

I'm disappointed that the trail through Sandcastle won't be open this year and that it's back onto Route 837 for bicyclists. It sure seems like some interim alternative should be possible until the final solution is done.

On the first leg of the trip I had noticed some real stiffness in my left-side barcon shifter (controlling the front derailleur). Somewhere around the Steeler's practice field it malfunctioned and would only stay on the middle ring, when I would move it onto the other rings it would revert to the middle as soon as I stopped holding the lever. Might just be a friction lock, I don't know, but it's a good reason to visit my LBS tomorrow.

The ride home was great (although a bit slower in the middle ring). As I crossed Station Square at 5pm, the roar of the crowd at the Steelers' game was quite noticeable.

It was a good ride on a very nice day - clear, no/low wind, no traffic because of the football game. 2h40m to ride 35miles.

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