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Sunday, January 2, 2011

First Ride 2011, First Flat Tire. 215 Pounds


Rode 10 miles in 31F. Swapped out all my batteries (first of the month). Intended to ride 18, but I squandered the day and ended up setting out late (1600) which would have moved my ride into darkness - which is OK except my headlight battery wasn't recharged.

So I scaled back the plan to ride an 11 mile course which features two big hills. I had a great ride, it was a pretty, clear day. Clothing was comfortable. About a mile from home I heard a new noise, turned out I had a hole in my rear tire and tube, with air whistling out of the hole.

I rode into a local pizza shop, called my One Above All for a rescue, and she showed up shortly in the car with the bike rack. It was just too cold and approaching dark to be changing a flat tire if I could avoid it.

I've decided to replace my rear tire, it's getting a bit thin and I've had three flats in four weeks on it, and that's getting old. I hope to get a Vittoria Randonneur Cross Tire at REI tomorrow.

Read an interesting NY Times article The Bicycling Paradox: Fit Doesn't Have to Mean Thin.

The article pointed out that cycling is perhaps unique in sports in that body mass isn't necessarily deterministic. It was an interesting read.

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