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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Finally after ten days, 18 cold miles

1/12/11 221#
Finally, after ten days of not riding, I rode 18.1 miles, road, 22F (w/c 9F), intermittent light snow, the last half-hour was dark.

I really didn't want to ride today, I like the windchill to be at or above 15F, but I haven't ridden for ten days and nothing looks better in the forecast for the next five days at least.

But Tanita is a harsh mistress, and the number was 221 pounds this morning, so I knew I'd have to either ride outside or set up my road bike on the trainer and ride inside. I really hate to ride on a trainer, and I hate riding inside so much that I spent a half-hour putting on all the cold-weather clothes and went outside. While I had the illusion of a choice, there really wasn't any decision to make other than going outside.

The roads were slushy or snowy, my water bottle was frozen by the time I got home, the bike worked well, wool is an amazing fabric, the cars were well behaved (I think drivers think you're crazy in the cold twilight and dark, so they stay away from you), and it was a wonderful ride.

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