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Friday, January 7, 2011

1/7/2011 Five Days No Riding

Haven't ridden in almost a week. Hi temp of 24F, it's just hard to get up for a windchill of 19F.

The hardest thing about riding in the winter is deciding to get started with putting on all the clothes, which takes about twenty-five minutes.

Tights and pants.
Under Armour, wool sweater, short-sleeve bike jersey (for the pockets).

At the bike, check the air, check the light batteries.
The feet get wool socks, shoes, and neoprene booties.
The head gets a balaclava, and then the helmet with helmet cover.
Put my glasses/ keys/ cellphone/ honey packets in the jersey pockets.
Put on the windshell jacket. Put on the glasses.
Gloves. Out the door.
Start the GPS, start the computer, double-check the rear lights.

To me, it's a bigger challenge to start getting dressed than to start out the door and up the first hill.

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