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Monday, November 7, 2016

Orwell's Artifacts, Bike Friendly Deutschtown - Millvale

11.07.2016 22m
Nov. mtd:252 ytd:2668

Today I started riding in Downtown for a meeting. Came across this curiously persistent artifact of Yinzer Times Gone By that only George Orwell (and maybe Rick Sebak) could love: the Horne's Tree. Let's unpack this, shall we?

  • A Christmas tree, which is no longer called by that name ('The Electric Tree'), not to be confused with the Penn Ave Unity Tree.
  • Named after Hornes, a business that no longer exists.
  • Sponsored by a corporation that pays no taxes and exists to profit from arbitraging medical expenses
  • A civic celebration of Light Up Night and Sparkle Season, economic euphemisms for frenzied selling

Rode across the 6th Street Bridge, around Nova Place in order to check out the new East Ohio Street Experience. Reversed and rode the Parking-Protected Bike Lane on East Ohio Street. Very nice.

One way to 'solve' the homeless problem: put fences around areas they might take shelter in.

One year ago - Dec.10, 2015 - there was a Christmas Tree on this spot, and people of Good Will were leaving food and warm clothing for those less fortunate.

Rode from Deutschtown onto the trail along the Allegheny, to Millvale. Saw a sign in Millvale that made me really happy. Now both Deutschtown and Millvale are bike-friendly; that's progress.

Stopped in Millvale to look for some vinyl at Attic Records; no joy. Serendipitously, I came across the soft-opening of a new tea shop in Millvale. Yes, tea shop in Millvale (and apparently an impending presence down the street for Tazzo D'Oro, also). So let me declare: Millvale has popped. The shop is Tupelo Honey Teas, (facebook) bike rack out front, nice people. 211 Grant Street, Millvale PA.

Crossed the 40th Street Bridge, rode to Highland Park in ongoing pursuit of a vinyl recording. Still no luck. Took Highland Ave, to Ellsworth, descended via Junction Hollow. Saw R and C.

Back to downtown, and took a picture of the Last Hurrah of the Ginko Trees near Golden Triangle Bikes.

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