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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Alleyway Signs and a Postal Relay Box

Nov.15, 2016 9m
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Rode with RC again, early-ish in the day, to accompany him on Coffeeneuring Number 6. Parked under the Birmingham Bridge. Rode out the Penn Ave bike lane, then at 16th Street we yah-tahhed right onto Spring Way

So we're riding along in the alley, and conversation turns to: On Penn Ave, we've got bollards and paint and boxes and lots of rules and guidance. Here in the alley, there's No Stinking Rules; there's dumpsters and cars and bikes and people and somehow it all works really well, without any special zones because there's no space for special zones, and somehow pragmatism succeeds in the absence of social structure.

Then we saw this sign:

Even in this slightly stinky alley, progress is being made. The only problem is, at this early stage it's not evenly distributed yet.

Rode up to Polish Hill. My compliments to those that go up there routinely, the place is well named. Went to LiLi's for coffee. Great coffee, great shop. The mailbox outside wins Best Decorated - even if it's not a real mailbox, just a postal relay box.

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