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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Coffeeneuring 2016 in Bike Cafes?

9.27.2016 4m
9.28.2016 11m
EOM Sept:565 ytd:2095
Saw this Pittsburgh Police Officer on Patrol in Shadyside. I just loved watching drivers make decisions about passing or staying behind him. I am so glad they're out in the street.

Saw this major E-Cargo bike on Walnut Street: wow just WOW. So many cool little bits that I don't completely understand.

As I descended 40th Street, I encountered a group of young cyclists all on similar bikes, marshalling up for a ride outside of Arsenal Middle School / Junior High. It looked like an after-school bike riding program, maybe it was Positive Spin?

Coffeeneuring's sixth season starts in a few weeks, and may I say I love the emphasis on the Spirit of Coffeeneuring and the repositioning of Rules 3 (Home coffee shop), Rule 4 (relaxed weekend), 9(Spirit of Coffeeneuring).

My first impulse is to #AddTheR and weave CofFREEneuring into the season as a personal mini-theme. CofFREEneuring involves riding your bike to free coffee. Places like: waiting rooms, hotel lobbies, car dealerships, coffee tastings. It seems a bit priviledge-sketchy (a person who needs free coffee wouldn't presume to do it) but it has a small hold on me.

I'm also tempted to try to Coffeeneur at Bike Cafes - in other words, Bike Shops that are also Coffee Shops. The ones that come quickly to mind are

On a somewhat different list, there's bike-friendly coffee shops:
  • Taza D'Oro in Pittsburgh's Highland Park
  • Gasoline Street Coffee in "FirstSide" (arghhh, I hate the new Sides: FirstSide, EastSide)

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