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Monday, September 5, 2016

Carpe Tunnel: Ride Toward the Light

9.5.2016 13m
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The Liberty Tunnels are closed.
Pittsburgh says: Oh no, what about the cars?
Some of us say: Oh yes, let's ride through the closed tunnels.

My wife Karen and I joined a few like-minded miscreants (Colleen & Marko, Joanne, Ben) at the RedWhiteBlue store on 51 and rode into the closed tunnel. There was a gendarme on station watching the car traffic, but we managed to turn into the closed-inbound tunnel without arousing him. Fortunately, the taxpayers provide webcams that assist in planning:

The ride though the tunnel was excellent. Cooler than the outside, a bit of a breeze, well-lit, clean surface. In fact, I should ride there more often.

We stopped in the middle to take a picture:

When in doubt, the guidance is: Ride Toward the Light:

Out of the tunnel, Turn Right on McCardle, Turn Left on Arlington, descend to East Carson Street. It was as pleasant as could be. Highly recommended. I really appreciate a tribe that comes out to break laws together.

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