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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Sacramento on the Mon

6.4.2016 30m
June mtd: 40 ytd: 819
Met a couple of Californians at the Waterfront and escorted them out to Boston PA. Riding through the-town-formerly-known-as-McKeesport, I was surprised to see that the municipal building -slash- police headquarters looked like this:

Probably there's a movie going to film there. This got me wondering about the origin of the name, Sacramento, and the machine suggests:
The city was named after the Sacramento River, which forms its western border. The river was named by Spanish cavalry officer Gabriel Moraga for the Santísimo Sacramento (Blessed Sacrament), referring to the Catholic Eucharist.

The web advertised a trail closure at the Durabond Bypass for repaving, so we took the McKeesport Loop detour. It had been a year since I'd taken the Loop. Although it often has glass on it, there wasn't any and the alt-transition went well.

Sitting at the Boston Trailhead, I saw riders coming and going on the normal route. A Trail Monitor who came by explained that the contractors didn't show up, so they left the route open.

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