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Wednesday, June 1, 2016


40m May eom: 239
June mtd: 10 ytd: 789
Saturday 5/28 I got off to a late start. Made camp in Dravo Campground. Saw this most excellent Dutch bike and a hammock set up on the lower level:

Late at night I saw a message, Sarah and Noah and JohnA and JonP were inbound. Very excellent. They arrived late in the dark, and I was impressed at their makeshift MidRats of cheese & bacon on hot dog rolls.

Noah, who is a photographer, took this most excellent photo.

In the morning, I was treated to a Master's Seminar on camp coffee procedures. All the coffee was wonderful, and I was stunned by this Ortlieb drip-coffee thingy:

Monday I hoped to enjoy the Buena Vista pool, but it was not to be; they open next week. Read a book, caught some rays, took a nap, rode some bike. Nice day.

Tuesday evening there was a quarrel in the campsite between two 20-something kids that would be called Crusties in the SouthSide, and an older man who regularly sleeps at Dravo. My quiet inner voice told me I should pack up and get out of there, but I didn't and I should have. In the morning, one or the other had stolen my camp stove and my solar-shower rig. Learned a lesson.

Rode into Pittsburgh. Ran errands on the bike which is really a great way to get around town.

Thursday I dropped off a new document for the next revision of the Pittsburgh to DC Trail Guide I've been working on with Golden Triangle Bike. Had an email from PaulH, with a picture of him picking up the map - very exciting.

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