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Saturday, December 26, 2015

DNS = Did Not Start. Sigh.

Tues 12.22 4m
Fri 12.25 11m
Sat 12.26.2015 15m
Tuesday I hoped to participate in a bike delivery operation run by Community Aides and BikePgh. My wife Karen and I rode to the offices in the Terminal Building, did the meet-and-great (which was great).

The program was led by Bridgette Wright of Pittsburgh Public Allies - which is a part the AmeriCorps national service network. She really did a great job of coordinating the supplies and the delivery operation.

We met Samone who was going to deliver care packages via a HealthyRidePgh bikeshare.

Just as we stepped outside to start pedalling, hauling my trailer on my LHT: flat tire! I really felt like a schlub. Told the others: you go, we'll catch up. Couldn't find anything in the tire, swapped the tube and hoped. No luck; second flat within a half-mile. DNS (did not start). I really wanted to make this ride.

Walked the bike to Thick, entered :45 minutes before they closed and they said Sure we can help. I really appreciated that. Not surprised because that's the way they roll, but not taking it for granted either. Thanks Thick!

Friday, Christmas Day was quiet and warm so I rode a small circuit in my neighborhood, 11 miles.

Saturday I went into town and made a delivery in the Operation Safety Net basket at the entrance to REI. This is a great idea: if you've got an old sleeping bag or jacket, put it in the basket and donate it. Then I got to ride with Yale, out to Costco and back. The rain caught us on the way back but it was warm.

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