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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Cuyahoga Valley Nat'l Park: GAP surface with C&O Scenery

10.08.2015 44m
Was fortunate to ride the Cuyahoga Valley National Park's Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail with RC and KC.

We started on the southish end at Botzum Trailhead and rode north. Quite a bit of wetlands for the first few miles, and it was foggy and a bit chilly. Kind of perfect weather, but the trail has a lot of gentle turns and twists - it's meandering rather than technical - but there's not a long sight line, so we ended up riding a bit of single-file. #FirstWorldWhines #AlsoNoWifi

The trail flattened out and the surroundings became very much like the C&O Canal Trail - there was a trail, a lot of green trees and canopy, a lot of nature, an adjacent watered canal (mostly clear, sometimes green) and a roadway nearby.

The trail surface was unlike the C&O and quite like the GAP Trail. There's also a train track, but this train supports the trail; cyclists can flag down the train at any of several stations and ride back to wherever for $3. Great capability.

We rode north to Rockside Station, scouting for an upcoming group ride. Departed the trail for the sprawl and concrete. There was a surprising bit of a climb coming out of the valley. Lunch at Panera's and reversed course. A very nice ride, great weather, good company.

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