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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Belly of the Whale in the Pinkerton Tunnel

Wed 10.21 13miles
Fri 10.23 31miles
Sat 10.24 31miles
Wednesday I rode from the Bastille to Thick Bikes for a kickstand, and thence REI for some winter pants. Met Chris and Marko. Simple short ride.

Friday I drove out to Confluence with Karen. We parked at the town square. Stopped at Sweetie's after SarahP's strong recommendation re: cookies. Rode uphill to see the new Pinkerton Tunnel. Maybe it's just me, but the ribbed interior has that belly-of-the-whale aesthetic going on.

Had espressos at Rockwood Opera House. Very good. Rode further uphill. Just short of the Salisbury Viaduct, encountered a flock of rather noisy birds. Could not identify them, but my friend Yale tells me they are (1) birds and (2) turkeys.

Friday I learned about the death of a Pittsburgh cyclist. Daylight, clear skies, straight road; following the rules, waiting for the light to change. So pointless, so violent, so unnecessary except: cars.

Saturday we rode the reverse course from Meyersdale to Confluence. Since I hit the top of the hill in Meyersdale doing about 2.3mph, I noticed the new outdoor toolpost by the caboose. Once again, espresso's at Rockwood. There were quite a few people out on the trail. The foliage in this section has mostly fallen from the trees. Trail conditions were excellent.

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