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Monday, July 13, 2015

Thick Soft Opening

7.13.2015 22miles
7.12.2015 13miles
7.9.2015 11miles
7.8.2015 7miles

7.7.2015 21miles

Monday July 13. Started at the Bastille. Rode to an errand in Uptown. Took Armstrong Tunnels to South Side, stopped at Thick Bikes and was very pleased to see the new space is open for business. It's a Soft Opening at Thick! Excellent shop, I hope they thrive in the new space.

Sunday, July 12. So good to be back in the Burgh. CMU to Flock meeting. Flock to Gus' Taco Stand in the rain.
Dinner w Yale. Butler-Penn inbound, Grant Street, Jail Trail, Junction Hollow, CMU.

July 9: Round trip to beach: 11 miles

July 8: Round-trip to drug store and mother's house : 7 miles.

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