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Sunday, July 5, 2015

A Much-Needed Day of Rest

July 5, 2015 25m
It's been 12 days since I rode my bike. It was also seven days since I've slept in a bed - and I missed the bike much more. I rode from my sister's house in Wantagh NY down to Jones Beach. I was following a group of cyclists who seemed pretty sure of where they were going when they turned onto a bike path I didn't know existed. new stuff!

This trail starts at the Jones Beach Monument and runs east for 3.5 miles. It is most excellent. (there's a plan to extend it further east) At the end, there's a fence with a subway turnstile to keep bikes out, which is a bit unfriendly I think. On the other side of the turnstile there's a snack bar, restrooms, and a wooden frame with a bunch of water spigots so I poured cold water on my bike sandals and toes. Coolest thing ever.

Saw a combo-kite: a heavy-lifting kite on the top of the rig, holding up a kite-sculpture of a horse. The horse's legs and tail move around in the wind, giving the impression of galloping.

This is a picture of my Trek830 in 2005, when my Dad was fighting cancer, with the Jones Beach Monument in the background. I gave this bike away in Spring 2015 to Bill Haley.

Took a picture today of my Surly LHT with the Jones Beach Monument in the background, while my Mom is recovering from cancer surgery. I'm beginning to develop a negative association with this Monument.

I often joke that when bicyclists get access to a new place, or some new infrastructure, it takes about 3 hours for a cyclist to ask: yeah, but can we get some wifi in here? So I was very pleased to see that Jones Beach has wifi on the beach:

It was so good to get back on my bike today.

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