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Friday, July 17, 2015

Greiving the loss of Persephone

7.17.2015 22m
Lots of riding today. Took a tour group out in the morning, about 15 teenagers and 4 adults. Very nice group.

Later in the day, rode into East Liberty to pick up the audio trailer for the Flock Ride. Carried that around to Dippy.

I ended up in front of the Flock ride but didn't know the route, but J. kept me on the path. I was a bit sad when we rolled from Larimer into EastLiberty because the house that my favorite Pittsburgh mural was painted on has been demolished to make way for new housing.

The mural tells the story of Persephone, who got into trouble putting seeds (pills, if you will) into her mouth due to great curiousity, even though she knew she shouldn't. I really liked this whole-house mural.

I think the remembrance of Stuff That's Gone is a uniquely Pittsburgh phenomenon.

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