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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Saturday Night Fever N'At

12.27.2014 40m #245
Started riding in the late afternoon at the Bastille. Crossed the Ft Duquesne and Ft Pitt bridges. Massive throng of people queueing for the Duquesne Incline.

Rode through Southside, past Sandcastle and the Pump House, intercepted Yale, Marko, and Chris near the Whittaker Bridge. Meeting Yale was amazing, because whenever we try the bike-to-bike intercept we always botch up the navigation; this is the first time we managed the intercept as planned.

Came back though the Waterfront, and after the Pump House - with light traffic and since we were a foursome - we used the right lane through the shopping complex. This is always at least a four-lane road.

Had a lovely ride. Suprisingly, two young men in a sport-compact kind of Honda pocket-rocket actually pulled up next to us, slowed down and proceeded to explain that we should either be on the sidewalk or on the nearby trail.

Fortunately, in a way, they engaged Yale in conversation because he is a social person who suffers fools easily. Hey, he rides with me. What's most amazing is they pulled up in the passing lane and slowed down to explain that we shouldn't be in the right lane because we were slowing cars down. Which is probably what the second lane is for: passing slow traffic.


I think we need signs like the prototype on the right to help drivers change their paradigm.

Crossed the Ft. Pitt bridge and there was an even bigger throng of people waiting for the Incline than earlier in the afternoon. The pedestrian overpass was filled with folks, and there was a long thick line on the sidewalk. It's Saturday Night Fever N'At.

Rode to the North Side, went out to the 31st Street Bridge, came inbound and used the Penn Ave Bike Lanes. Went through Market Square and yoi! : people everywhere. Downtown packed on a Saturday night, what's up with that?

Continued to PPG Plaza and double yoi Even more people! We must be having Renaissance 5 n'at.

Rode on the Jail Trail to the Hot Metal Bridge, in support of Yale building a few miles to possibly reach 13000 miles in 2014. Discussed how that's a milestone but shouldn't be a millstone.

Really a tremendous day, quite warm and clear. Very nice conditions for night riding. I got to give a set of lights to somebody who needed them, which was cool. 40 miles.

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