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Monday, December 22, 2014

27 Minute Bike Ride to 42 Floors

12.22.2014 17m
Started at the Bastille w/ R in 28F. Found this weathered art work at the Westhall St. Trailhead, near the Valspar Corporation.

Rode the Penn Ave bike lanes out to the Strip District. Saw this sign on 11th Street, which I think may be an artifact from Sept.2014's Pro Bike Pro Walk conference.

Cappuccino at La Prima Espresso. Ran a few errands. Rode via the Jail Trail and Hot Metal Bridge to Big Dog Coffee. More cappuccino, plus a scone.

Back on the bikes and it was noticeably warmer out. On the Jail Trail near the Second Avenue parking lots, it looks like the tent camp under the Parkway has grown considerably. It's a lot of fun being outside when it's discretionary; I don't think these people are having much fun.

I think we finished at 40F. A very nice day to be bicycling by choice.

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