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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Saturday: Eagles and Princesses

3/08/2014 50F 34m #219
eow: 123 miles/week
I rode today with my neighbor Jack, who's preparing for the MS150.

Started at the Bastille, headed out on the Chateau Trail. Encountered Chris, opposite direction. Blvd of the Allies, Jail Trail, Hot Metal Bridge. Keystone Metals, stopped to join the Eagle Groupies. You could see the male eagle with the unaided eye; pretty cool. Amazed that so far, Giant Eagle and/or American Eagle hasn't co-opted the nesting environment.

Rode around Sandcastle, saw two gents repairing the damaged fence from a few days ago. Worked around the Waterfront, saw two very similar looking fellows replacing the burned candlestick reflector by the PumpHouse; these volunteers do get around.

Rode out to the Phantom's Revenge. Reversed; saw world-famous cyclist and general bon-vivant Marco on the trail, possibly heading out to a work squad clearing a viewshed. Dismayed to learn that the Pump House rest room facilities are padlocked.

Back to the Hot Metal Bridge, Swinburne Street, The Chute, Four Mile Run and up the hill via Junction Hollow Trail. Took Boundary St. and S. Neville up to Fifth Avenue because we wanted to climb a hill. Saw Terry opposite direction on S. Neville.

Took Fifth Avenue into town, thinking that there wouldn't be any traffic on Saturday. HAH! there was some kind of Littlest Princess show going on at the Consol Frack House.

Point State Park, Ft. Duquesne Bridge, back to the Bastille. 34 miles, excellent ride.

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