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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Battery Run

3.27.2014 #223 37m
Monday and Tuesday, each morning I rode with my nephew to his school and we locked his bike outside, then I returned on my bike. In the afternoon I'd ride over to the school, meet him and we'd ride back to his house together. Wednesday morning I escorted him over and returned, and that was the end of the exercise for me - I departed the area and explained the drill to his parents, encouraging them to support this new life-long habit and suggesting that it would be good material for his college essays. (I believe the way to get parents of third graders to do anything is to suggest that it will help their college application). I hope they let him keep riding.

Today, Thursday, I dropped my car off at the garage in New Brighton for a checkup on the newly installed engine. Cars are such a PITA. My car inconveniences me a lot more than my bike does.

I needed to pick up a cellphone battery for my MIL's cellphone, so off to Battery Giant in Cranberry, which is bicyclist-owned so natch. Route 19 is about as bicycle-antagonista as a road can get but all I had to do was cross it. I don't think they see a lot of cyclists taking the lane, but everybody was very nice.

Took a favorite but longer way home via the old Tour de Sewickley route on the Red Belt. Saw a magnificent blue heron on Big Sewickley Creek, but it took flight before I could get a photo. They have such tremendous wingspans.

Turning north on Route 51, I was doing 18 mph and got completely dropped by a roadie (who did wave hello, points for gentility!) The last four miles or so were in very light drizzle. An excellent ride, good to be back in Southwest-PA hills again. 37 miles.

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  1. So, thanks for this post. I was looking for a battery vendor for one of our clients whose powerchair batteries were toast. He needed them delivered. Do you know how hard it is to find a wheelchair battery vendor who delivers? Battery Giant delivers! Not only did they help him quickly, but they're now one of our official-on-the-books vendors! This post made my job so much easier. Where shall I send your kickback?